The Youth Spring Anthology

by a minor place

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What this album is…: it’s a statement of belonging, a declaration of love. Love to a place and the people who animate it.
Such as in the Edgar Lee Masters’ "Spoon River Anthology”, these short 12 songs - far from being 12 epitaphs - portray the elusive figures of some of the people hanging around this place, generally fellows - aged the same as our children - we barely know….
What you have, aims to be a canvas of what we love…:
that place, those guys..., our fountain of youth.


released March 12, 2016

Recorded mostly at home, winter to spring 2015, partly at Davide “the sweetest guy” Grotta’s. Mixed and mastered there.
Written and played by A Minor Place with the help of many so generous and talented people:
Francesca “Thunder and Flood” Malagrida gave her invaluable support and help and her beautiful voice. Annapaola Lattanzi was on her side to play a very persuasive Nazi-twin.
Stefano “Anchise” Di Gregorio played some drums, as well as Lorenzo “Wunder-Low” Mazzaufo; follow his beautiful sounds on:
Kyle Drummer did the rest.

Claudia, our beloved Claudia, did almost everything…: the pictures, the graphic, the writing…this is her record as much as it is ours. She constantly inspired us with her grace and her art. The way she supported us, her generosity, and her wonderful talent above all, prove how lucky we are to have such wonderful people on our side.
The lazy genius of Pierluigi Filipponi helped us so many times and in so many ways that we ended up considering him a member of the band. Which is true, indeed.
Ilaria, the girl who comes out from the cover of a mid 80’s jingle jangle scottish 7” - Postcard era - did the beautiful drawings and paintings. You made the world beautiful, shy princess…

We wouldn’t have taking a step without Marta Balducci and her amazing illustrations. You came along with us heretofore, lady Martzipan, we can’t get used to not having you around.
But you are still here, aren’t you?


tags: pop



a minor place

"A Minor Place" is a beautiful woman and that white bearded guy who used to play bass guitar with "Turn Sour"
....Oh, and Marta does the drawings and stuff. She's very pretty too.

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Track Name: JDS
Your english sucks

I ran into this guy one summer evening,
me and the “wonder boy”, politely speaking about music, you know…
He walked with his girlfriend.
“Look, she’s a very good singer” - my pard said.
“It’s the guy I’m looking at, blockhead”
- I replied.

“Him? He likes your music. I know that.
He loves that fuckin’ Winters and Summers. He really loves that tune.”
Well, it comes out he’s sort of a dj, you know, a cool guy, not a goon.

“That guy could be the perfect singer of A Minor Place.”
“Ah - the boy laughed - he doesn’t sing,
and you’re the perfect singer of A Minor Place!”
No way son. I’m too old and fuckin’ boring and ill.
I’m definitely out of place, believe me.

Well, I got a problem…:
I don’t recognize people, I don’t fucking remember their faces,
and even that guy’s face disappeared from my memory.
I probably met him somewhere, you know, we live in a very small city,
hanging out at the same places, you know…
A ghost. That guy became the archetype of a singer.

When the boy finally introduced him to me, it was after our gig I think…
He looked different from that time.
It was so awkward, you know, I didn’t know what to say…:
“Do you want to be the singer of A Minor Place?”
Jacopo Di Sante fucked me off.
The day she said: “I’m leaving”,
I was leaping into your life;
although your heart was bleeding,
you spread your sweetness all around.
You played the drums for us,
your ardor shimmered in the sun;
I found a friend, a son,
my “wonder boy”,
well, in a word, my favorite chum .

You may live in another town, still my soulmate;
we’re cool guys, pard, and we rock but - despite that,
we watch the back of Bibis leaving.
The back of Bibis leaving, yeah.

There’s nothing much more to say,
you keeping on playin’, I play;
still hiding in our gentle way
the evil inside.

You may live in a northern town, still my soulmate;
we’re cool guys, pard, and we rock but - despite that,
we watch the back of Bibis leaving.
The back of Bibis leaving, yeah.
I fell in love with him a few weeks ago,
when we played a gig and after the show,
the dj put on that song and on the empty dance floor,
he started dancing enthusiastic “Ça Plane Pour Moi”.

Pretty as a bird, agile as the snow,
twirling in the hall, easy and tiptoed,
hovering above the earth as a gliding song.
A whirling dervish reaching kemal, “Ça Plane Pour Moi”.
Track Name: FUNK
She says romantic, I say naughty,
he’s a hell of a charming man.
He says dodgy, I say sweet eyes,
he’s so lovely when he tells a lie.
He says he wants to play with me,
but then he takes me for a ride;
you know he’s a busy guy,
and a whole lot more besides.

I’m spiralled down this junk, Valerio Funk,
I’m spiralled down this junk.

You say romantic, I say FUNK.
You say naughty, I say FUNK.
You say dodgy, I say FUNK.
You say sweet eyes, I say FUNK.
It’s not to be disguised, it may be fear;
she’s a chameleon girl.
A tiny Yera Allon in a coat,
my soliloquy partner.
Her life is an incessant work of art,
she’s our Cindy Sherman in bodysuit.

She may seem cold and so elusive, in her arty way,
but she’s the friend of the girl I love and I love her.
The sun steals all her satellites, he fell in love at first sight;
Jupiter and Saturn on her side, Calliope whispers her name.

Then I wrote to you, you wrote to me,
October 13…
Hell, if I like you and you like me,
I’ve found a place to be.

Get me to the world according to Claudia,
wild and strong and proud,
let me be a part of it.
Get me to the world according to Claudia,
eternally young, Lord stop me from shaking.

Get me to the world according to Claudia,
get me to the world according to Claudia,
get me to the world according to Claudia.
Tell me why you like him

I like him ‘cos I like men with moustaches
and for his mind, gorillas and stripteasers.
What I don’t like, it’s how he called his label;
but he owns one, what about you sucker?

I saved a coin, let’s have a go,
on the carousel of his brain.
A Joe Lansdale story, pulp videos
and tons of guitars.

Please hold me tight, bitch,
I’m riding the rollercoaster in his brain.
He seems as a man from Risorgimento,
or that guy from A Certain Ratio.
You can think of him wearing a frock coat,
Captain Achab on his whaleboat.
Well, so passionate, gentle and tall,
he drives his comrades towards the fall.
I asked my wife: - “Tell me ‘bout him”
- “He’s so cheerful, he seems to swim.”
In the water he shines, veers off and fades.

Give me more beautiful losers,
give me Hector or Raymond Poulidor.
He’s a beautiful loser,
I’ll be his comrade, forevermore.
Track Name: MAN-WELL
His daughter goes to school with mine,
his wife, she works along with mine;
he wears the same jacket as me,
he plays with guys who played with me,
ain’t that enough to write a song?

And he writes for that magazine
we’ve been reading since the days
our love grew so strong and unforeseen
and he lived in Preston, Lancashire,
never knew why, never knew why,
never knew why.

And there’s a juke-box in his house
with awesome music from The Troggs,
The Modern Lovers, The Ramones
and “Sunflower Suit”
from Buffalo Tom.
We are:

We are the Myctophids of the night,
swimming so languid in the deep blue sea,
a feeble whisper through the noise,
slipping invisible and turquoise…;

but then we glow.

All of our photophores explode,
that blue in the dark,
shines in a spark,
means that you are trapped
and we are here.
In my mind there is a maze,
in my heart there is a place
of which I’m singing in my song,
it’s the place where I belong.
Even when I’m feeling down
(meaning down and down and down),
it’s the only place in town I want to stay.
Sat on the grave of my old band,
a bunch of daisies in my hand,
I brush the marble and I give her a shy smile and a song.
She stands severe, she stands alone,
she just texted Star Sign on her phone,
she looks at me as I write: “Done.”

And if a double-decker bus
fatally crashes into us,
if Silvia died, the world itself
would close its eyes.

Did Summer Dress cry at the funeral,
did Epic Deeva feel unwell,
did Motorcity get a tattoo with her name and a heart?
When Silvia Dies went to a club to see that punk-rock band and drink;
she screwed that handsome waiter…

Who’ll I sing to when Silvia dies,
when Silvia dies…
If Silvia died, the world itself
would rest its eyes.

I am lost without your love.